Chris Christie Net Worth and Assets in 2023

Chris Christie Net Worth

Chris Christie is a prominent Republican politician who served as the 55th Governor of New Jersey from 2010 to 2018. Since leaving office, chris christie net worth and financial portfolio have been topics of significant public interest given his potential presidential ambitions. This article will analyze Christie’s current net worth, trace key assets contributing to his wealth, examine income sources, and contextualize his financial standing among other political figures.


Over the last decade, Chris Christie has transitioned from a publicly-funded servant working on taxpayers’ salaries into a multi-millionaire private consultant with assets spread across investments, real estate, and business ventures. As speculation builds around another Christie presidential run in 2024, his wealth makes for an intriguing case study on the road to riches for high-profile politicians.

Today, Christie boasts a net worth 15x higher than just 5 years ago. This meteoric rise inspires both criticism and praise – inviting tough questions on ethics while showcasing Christie’s shrewdness. This piece aims to objectively detail Christie’s assets and income sources without judgment.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born in Newark in 1962, Chris Christie came from a middle-class Republican family. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, he studied law at Seton Hall University.

Christie kickstarted his political career in the 1990s. After a stint in county legal departments, he was appointed as the US Attorney for New Jersey under George W. Bush’s presidency in 2002.

Chris Christie Net Worth

This US Attorney role gave Christie statewide visibility. He earned praise [and criticism] for his no-nonsense approach in tackling corruption, including the prosecution of Democratic rivals. With a growing reputation as an anti-corruption crusader willing to take on entrenched state powers, Christie captured the zeitgeist.

Political Career and Its Impact on Net Worth

In 2009, tapping into swelling public sentiment and Republican support, Chris Christie became New Jersey’s first Republican Governor in 12 years.

  • Earning $175,000 as annual salary as Governor
  • accumulating 3 pensions from his political and legal tenures
  • residing at the state-funded Governor’s Princeton residence

Christie focused on traditional Republican premises of cutting taxes, reining in unions, and limiting public expenditure. While politically divisive locally, this nationalized his image among Republicans – even spurring hopes of a 2016 Presidential run.

Indeed, Christie’s Governor status provided the catalyzing spark for his private enterprises and money-making ventures after leaving office…

Chris Christie Net Worth in 2023

According to financial disclosure forms, Chris Christie and his wife Mary Pat were worth $1-2 million when he became Governor in 2010. This figure may have dropped briefly during his scandal-ridden second term.

However, after leaving the Governorship in January 2018, the Christie family saw phenomenal growth:

Diving into the assets, income sources, and ventures fueling this wealth spike:

Breakdown of Chris Christie’s Assets

A. Real Estate

Christie’s largest asset class remains strategic Real Estate investments in New Jersey and neighboring states:

  • Owns 2 residential properties in New Jersey worth $4 million
  • $2 million vacation home in Florida

Total Real Estate net value = $6 million

B. Investments and Financial Assets

The Christies have accumulated extensive investment holdings, riding post-2018 market rallies to handsome portfolio gains:

  • Tech stocks including Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla
  • Corporate and Treasury Bonds
  • Index Funds tracking S&P 500 and NASDAQ

They recorded $200,000 – $2 million in investment income over just 18 months per disclosure forms.

Factoring unrealized portfolio gains and dividends, their investments likely total $5 million+ in current value.

Income Sources Contributing to Net Worth

Christie augmented his assets through several income channels:

A. Book Royalties

Penning Political Memoirs and Commentary essays, Christie likely earned 6-7 digit royalties over 3 books since his Governorship.

B. Public Speaking/ Appearances

Leveraging his charm and wit, Christie averaged $50,000 per speech/guest-spot post 2018. With 20-30 appearances every year, his speaking income approaches ~$1 million annually.

C. Consultancy & Lobbying Firm

Christie founded a Policy Consultancy and Lobbying company just months after resigning as Governor – an ethically questionable but perfectly legal move.

Corporations pay Christie 55 Solutions ~$2.5 million every year for strategic insights and government access.

Chris Christie’s Post-Governorship Ventures

Christie strategically monetized his Governor brand through two main ventures:

1. Corporate Board Appointments

Within months of exiting office in 2018, Christie had clinched 3-4 Board seats at:

  • Pharmaceutical Firms
  • Publicly Listed Companies (Generating ~$500,000 annually)

Appointing lobbying politicians like Christie to boards remains surprisingly common in corporate America. Critics allege it grants backdoor access for future lobbying requests.

2. TV Commentator / Analyst

By early 2019, Christie signed media deals including:

  • ABC News Contributor deal worth ~$300,000 per annum
  • Regular Fox News opinion features

This supplemented his income while expanding his brand nationwide. However, it also attracted accusations of politicizing traditionally neutral commentary roles.

Public Perception and Media Coverage

As a divisive political figure, American public opinion on Chris Christie remains split:

  • His supporters see a self-made businessman leveraging skills developed as an Attorney and Governor. His wealth validates his schrewdness.
  • Critics allege Christie abused his influence. Cashing in immediately after his tenure suggests back-scratching deals, breaches of trust, and ethics violations.

US media commentary also reflects this divide:

Neutral: Media including Forbes, WSJ and Washington Post have focused mainly on factual reporting regarding his contracts, earnings and net worth jumps.

Critical: Left-leaning outlets condemn his corporate appointments so soon after Governorship as corrupt and morally repugnant. Some liken it to former President Trump’s flouting of conventions.

Chris Christie and Trump's

Supportive: Conservative commentators highlight his financial success as an indication of his competence and business acumen. His wealth is worn as a badge of honor.

Comparison with Other Political Figures

Contextualizing Christie’s $15 million net worth against other politicians and 2024 Presidential nominee hopefuls:


  • Jared Kushner – $800 million+
  • Donald Trump – $700 million+
  • Doug Burgum – $500 million+

Poorer contenders

  • Mike Pence – $2 million
  • Ted Cruz – $5 million

Broadly comparable

  • Mitt Romney – $20 million
  • Hillary Clinton – $20-30 million

So while far behind billionaires like Trump and Kushner, Christie remains among the wealthiest Presidential prospects for 2024. His business dealings post-Governorship have been relatively more prolific than peers like Pence.

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Future Projections and Potential Growth

As Christie contemplates throwing his hat for a 2024 Presidential run, what income/wealth levels could he attain?

Base Case

  • Maintaining his board seats, commentary roles and consultancy business Christie should continue accumulating ~$5 million annually.
  • Achieving market investment returns, Chris Christie Net Worth may touch $25 million by 2030.

Bull Case

  • If selected for a Presidential Ticket or Cabinet position, his income potential vastly expands through salaries, security details, pensions etc.
  • Lucrative 7-8 figure memoir advances and speaking fees boost income faster.
  • Aggressive investments in this high point could earn multi-million dollar returns later.

Overall $100 million+ lifetime wealth looks very achievable on his current trajectory.


In just over 5 years since exiting the New Jersey Governorship, Chris Christie has amassed an extraordinary personal wealth of ~$15 million. By monetizing his personal brand via consulting, board roles, broadcasting gigs, and savvy investments, he enriched his assets 675% within a few years.

This financial success reinforces perceptions (both positive and negative) of Christie’s commercial shrewdness. It also renders him among the wealthiest Presidential contenders in an increasingly billionaire-dominated political arena.

For supporters, Christie’s rise offers hope that competence can still triumph over stagnant party structures. For critics, it epitomizes the ethical decay when partisan politicians prioritize self over service.

Either way, understanding Chris Christie’s present wealth provides clues into his future ambitions in National politics. It may even pivot the course of America’s political landscape for years to come.

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frequently asked questions (FAQs):

What is Chris Christie’s current net worth?

Chris Christie’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million as of 2023. This represents a substantial increase from $1-2 million when he left office as Governor of New Jersey in 2018.

What were Christie’s main sources of income after serving as governor?

Christie earned income from consultancy and lobbying work, corporate board positions, public speaking fees, book royalties, TV contributor deals, and investment portfolio gains.

What assets contribute most to Chris Christie’s net worth?

Christie’s largest assets are his real estate holdings including properties in New Jersey and Florida worth over $6 million total. His investment portfolio with stocks, bonds and index funds also contributes significantly.

How did Christie’s political career impact his finances?

Serving as New Jersey’s governor provided Christie with an annual $175,000 salary. He also accumulated three public pensions and accessed lucrative money-making opportunities only available to high-profile politicians.

Is Chris Christie among the wealthiest politicians and presidential candidates?

Yes, Christie’s estimated $15 million net worth places him among the wealthiest contenders for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. He ranks higher than Mike Pence and Ted Cruz but lower than super-rich politicians like Donald Trump.

Could Christie’s net worth grow even more in the future?

Yes, if Christie secures a presidential ticket or cabinet position, his income-earning potential would vastly expand. He could make $100 million+ over his lifetime through salaries, memoir advances, paid speeches, investments, and more.