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Herbal Supplements: The Regulation All That You Need To Know

Herbal supplements are a trend that never goes out of fashion. The trend of FAD vegan diets and fancy foods has somehow taken a backseat, but the search for the right herbal supplements never goes out of fashion. Because out of a varied range of herbal supplements and the mushroom growth of companies dealing in Herbal supplements, the search for the right kind of herbal supplement, the one among the best, is always on.

We, as people, need to understand that it is easy to buy herbal supplements online and keep them decorated on your shelf. Still, herbal supplements are not any magic pill that brings about overnight transformation in the individual’s body. They have to be introduced into the body as per the prescribed dosage of the physician at regular intervals, followed by routine checkups and the necessary lifestyle changes.

Let us understand this through an example; suppose a woman is taking Shatavri for breast milk enhancement but also at the same time indulging in activities like drinking, smoking, eating junk outside and not exercising; taking the Shatavari pill might not be beneficial for her. Even after having a few drops of tulsi or honey for our coughs, we are advised not to have ice creams or chilled desserts because the chilled desserts nullify the efforts of the medicine as well as that of the physician.


The FSSAI, in order to check the credibility of the company and protect the rights and interests of the consumer the fssai has issued a series of documents that need to be produced before the court before having introduced a particular supplement for consumption into the market for the commoner.

The documents to be produced before gathering a license to trade in health and nutritional supplements are

  1. A No objection certificate from the government of India
  2. FORM B of the FSSAI application
  3. FSSAI License online is something that can be procured easily
  4. It should comply with the food for safety standards act of 2016

Regulation of herbal supplements is also important to avoid black marketing of goods, and cheaper expired medicines being made available to the poor and working-class at a price much below the market standards.

Regulating herbal supplements will also help prevent a kind of artificial scarcity in the market and thus keep the prices constant without the fear of price increases and facing the difficulty of determining the profit share of the ones involved in the sale and purchase of the medicine.

Thus herbal supplements are umpteen in numbers, as mentioned earlier in the market, but this body is not a mechanism to try and test medicines. Most importantly, herbal medicines must be cruelty-free to protect the interest and welfare of environmentalists all over.

It should come with a list of precautions, the storage conditions, and the disclaimers, if any, to make things transparent before the consumer decides to introduce the same into his or her body.



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