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How to set up a wireless Canon Pixma printer?

Canon Pixma is one of the top printer series. Pixma series offer excellent printing service. These devices are compact and you can easily place them everywhere. Canon Pixma devices provide both wired and wireless connectivity. You can connect your Pixma printer wirelessly with any device easily. For printer sharing, you can connect the printer to the router, firstly you have to learn How to Connect Canon Pixma TR7020 to Wifi ? After connection, you can easily share your Canon Pixma device with any device on the network.

Unboxing Canon Pixma Printer

Open the packaging and take out the printer

Place the printer in a clean space

Take out the cartridges and remove the bubble wrapping 

Check for the cables and driver’s CD

Use the power cord and connect your Canon Pixma device to the electrical wall outlet

Press the power button and the green power lamp will start glowing. After turning on the printer, configure its settings for wireless connection. 

Preparing Canon Pixma printer for cable less setup

  1. Ensure that your Canon Pixma printer is on
  2. Press the Setup button
  3. Use the navigation button and choose Wireless setup
  4. Hit on OK button
  5. Select Other Setup and hit on OK button
  6. Tap on Cable less setup and click on the OK button
  7. After setting up your printer, you can connect the printer wirelessly.

Steps to connect Canon Pixma printer to PC wirelessly?

Once you set up your printer for wireless connection, press the Wi-Fi button. Your printer will start searching for nearby devices. Go to the PC and open the Devices folder. Choose the Printers & Scanners folder. Tap on Add Devices and check for the printer list. If your Canon printer is not on the list then click on Not available on the list. Ensure that you have enabled the Wi-Fi of your device. The PC will take some time to find the printer. When your printer name appears on the screen, click on it and the printer will show connected status. Ensures that you have a Canon Pixma driver on the PC.

Check the solution of Canon Printer Error Code b200 here.

Installing Canon Pixma printer driver on PC

To complete the configuration of your Canon printer, you need a driver. This software is the bridge between PC and Canon printer. The printer will only receive the job if you have this driver on the PC. Check for the printer CD you received with your Canon printer. If you can’t use the CD for driver installation, download it from the internet. Go to the web browser and visit the Canon printer website. Search for Canon Pixma TR7020 printer driver. Download and install the Canon Pixma driver on the PC. Now, wait until the printer finds the driver. Now send a print command and check for the error.

How to Connect Canon Pixma TR7020 to Wifi?

For sharing a Canon printer, you can easily connect it to the Wi-Fi. When you have a WPS connection, you can easily connect to the printer like any other device. 

  1. Go to your Canon Pixma printer and enable the Wi-Fi button
  2. The Wi-Fi lamp of your printer will start blinking
  3. Go to the router and enable the WPS pin
  4. The printer will take some time to search the network
  5. Go to the printer screen and check for the available networks
  6. Select the SSID of your network
  7. Enter the pin for the connection

Once the printer gets connected to the network, the Wi-Fi lamp will stop blinking and become steady. After the printer connection, you can connect the printer to any device on the same network. Before sending the print job ensures that you have installed the Canon printer driver on the device.

Connecting Canon printer to Wi-Fi using the standing connection method

If your Canon printer is not connecting using the WPS method then you can go for the standard printer connection method. For this method, you require Canon printer software. Download or copy Canon printer software on the device.

  1. Go to the Canon printer driver setup
  2. Run the file and follow the on-screen instructions
  3. Tap on the Next button and select Wireless LAN connection
  4. Choose Connect via wireless router and hit on Next button 
  5. Select cableless connection and tap on the Next button
  6. Follow on-screen instructions for driver installation
  7. A setup dialog box will appear on the screen, tap on the Complete button
  8. Choose the Next button and the Extended Survey Page will appear 
  9. Choose Agree and you will get a test printout
  10. After getting the printout, tap on the Next button
  11. Select the Exit button and now your Canon Pixma wireless connection is complete.

If your Canon printer is showing any error while connecting to the network then check for a firewall. The printer shows issues while connecting wirelessly due to the firewall. If the network is connected to the firewall, it inspects all incoming data packets and connection requests. A firewall often blocks connection requests from new devices. Disable the firewall and then retry to connect the printer to the network. Or, add the printer to the trusted device list and now you can easily connect the printer to Wi-Fi. 

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