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Infertility treatment ICSI Better Than IVF: Is It True?

Infertility treatment: Is ICSI a better treatment option as compared to IVF?

Infertility Treatment: Which one is better?

The struggle for an infertile couple to find one of the best fertility treatments is stressful and time-consuming. At times, the couple can have the confusion to choose between the option of IVF or the ICSI method. To ensure you don’t get confused and make an informed decision visit the top-rated IVF Centre in Punjab. Moreover, there have been many cases of live birth rates with these inventive methods to make the conception journey easier and safer.

One thing is certain, be it IVF or ICSI, both the procedures are safe and effective for a couple or individual who is struggling to conceive. Both treatments have different methods of working and give the desired results. Depending on your condition, the doctor will give you an estimate about the Test Tube Baby cost In Punjab and ICSI treatment cost.

Explore the infertility treatment options of ICSI & IVF in detail

Be it IVF or ICSI; both are categorized as ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Depending on what your condition demands, the doctor suggests the option to improve your chances of conception. Although, in both methods, the eggs are fertilized to improve the chances of conception. Now, let’s discuss the procedure in detail:

  • IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization)

During IVF, the sperm and egg are combined together for fertilization. The entire process happens in a controlled environment for utmost success. The embryologist keeps a close check on the embryo.

  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

ICSI is another advanced fertility treatment that’s an integral part of IVF. During the treatment, the sperm will be injected into the egg. Afterward, the next step of the treatment is similar to IVF treatment.

Fertilized and good quality embryos are important

To ease your conception journey, the embryologist will keep a close check on your entire situation to make it better. If there is more than one good-quality embryo, then the remaining ones will be frozen. When you are ready to conceive in the future, those embryos are used again.

Consult the best fertility doctor

If you want to begin your fertility journey, then it’s important that you consult an experienced and skilled fertility doctor. The increased success rate of the treatment is an evident reason for its increasing demand. If you are looking for an experienced fertility doctor, then make sure to do a thorough search on the search engine, check the doctor’s website, and get all other necessary information to make everything much more manageable.

Final words

Be it ICSI or IVF, both are fruitful choices for couples who are struggling to conceive. If you are planning to start your conception journey, then get hold of a fertility doctor at Gem Hospital & IVF Centre. If there’s any doubt on your mind, then make sure to ask about the same to the team. Schedule initial consultation and make yourself known to the entire process.



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