What is Jeff Lerner’s Real Net Worth? Separating Fact from Fiction

jeff lerner net worth

Jeff Lerner is a big-name entrepreneur with thousands of students and claims of over $100 million in sales. But beyond the hype and bold claims, what is Jeff Lerner’s actual net worth and business reputation? Is he a scam artist or a legit guru?

jeff lerner net worth

Jeff Lerner net worth

In this in-depth review, we’ll uncover the truth about:

  • Jeff Lerner’s background and career journey
  • What businesses and courses he runs
  • Income claims vs. reality of his net worth
  • Controversies and questions raised about his methods
  • Whether his training is worthwhile or just hype

By the end, you’ll have the complete picture to judge if Jeff Lerner is a real-deal entrepreneur to learn from or someone exaggerating his success.

Who Is Jeff Lerner? Background and Bio

To understand Jeff Lerner’s business dealings, you first need context on his backstory. Lerner portrays his journey as a rags-to-riches, rock bottom to internet riches tale.

jeff lerner net worth
Jeff Lerner displays his freshly made tattoo at the 12th Annual New York City Tattoo Convention at Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan. (Photo by Timothy Fadek/Corbis via Getty Images) Image Source – google.com

He claims that after early business failures, including losing $500K on a restaurant, he discovered how to make money online. And now he’s a wealthy entrepreneur running a thriving education company.

While certainly, parts of his story are genuine, Lerner has been caught exaggerating details to better market himself. Still, he has been an online entrepreneur for over a decade and had some legitimate businesses.

Some of Jeff Lerner’s ventures and career highlights include:

  • Founded real estate firm 2:20 Investment Group LLC
  • Launched mobile marketing company WHAMmobile
  • Created digital agency and software firm Xurli
  • Became a top affiliate marketer earning commissions promoting other brands
  • Published books like The Millionaire Shortcut detailing his journey
  • Developed ENTRE Institute education platform to teach entrepreneurship, his core business today

So he has clearly built some successful companies, though his exact net worth and level of financial success was less clear…until now.

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Analyzing Jeff Lerner’s Actual Net Worth

Jeff Lerner boldly claims to have generated over $100 million in sales through his various online businesses. However, as we uncover in analyzing his net worth, that number is likely massively inflated.

Here’s what we can piece together about his actual net worth:

Most third-party sites estimate Jeff Lerner net worth to be around $5 million. While very comfortable, this is nowhere near the exaggerated nine-figure net worth he pitches.

Looking closely at his lifestyle also supports he’s not worth nearly what he claims:

  • His house, car collection and other assets suggest an upper-middle-class life rather than a deca-millionaire
  • In one video Lerner seemed stressed about simply investing $100K, a very small sum for his claimed wealth

So while Jeff Lerner is still doing more than fine financially, his actual net worth is likely much closer to mid 7-figures than 8 or 9.

But how did he earn this comfortable fortune if not through the methods he teaches?

Where Jeff Lerner’s Money Actually Comes From

While Lerner talks a big game about the earning potential of affiliate marketing, agencies, and his other strategies, the reality is different.

The vast majority of his income comes from:

  • Selling overpriced courses through Entre Institute
  • Upselling students on expensive coaching programs
  • Leveraging affiliates to promote his education funnel

In other words, Jeff Lerner makes money teaching online business, not actually practicing what he preaches.

His core monetization strategy is:

  1. Hook with low-cost $39 course
  2. Upsell participants on increasingly expensive programs
  3. Take commission on affiliates driving traffic

This is similar to the models of other “gurus” and explains why Lerner is nowhere near worth 9-figures. He simply sells the dream more than the reality.

Controversies and Questions Around Jeff Lerner

Beyond inflating his net worth and success, Jeff Lerner also has some questionable aspects to his history:

For example:

  • He used to promote sketchy MLM companies that got shut down by the FTC
  • Critics point to his aggressive upselling funnels as overpromising value
  • Affiliate marketing program too closely resembles the pyramid scheme model

Additionally, the courses under his Entre Institute brand tend to focus on theory, mindset, and motivation more than tactical steps. And the affiliate program he pushes raises red flags.

So while Lerner has still achieved decent success, there are many reasons to be skeptical as well.

Next let’s analyze his two most popular courses.

Jeff Lerner Course Review: ENTRE Blueprint

One of Jeff Lerner’s flagship offerings is his Entre Blueprint course, which promises to help students:

  • Learn to build successful online businesses
  • Generate instant cash flow and long-term assets
  • Only requires an initial $39 payment

Here is an inside look at what the course covers:

Entre Blueprint spans 6 modules to teach Lerner’s approaches to entrepreneurship:

  • Modules 1-3 focus on mindset, motivation, and personal development
  • Modules 4-6 cover affiliate marketing, digital agencies, and selling online courses

On paper, the course structure seems reasonably solid. However, most negative ENTRE Blueprint reviews cite that it lacks much concrete direction or overpromises value for the price.

Since it’s only an intro course, students don’t gain enough practical knowledge to actually start generating revenue. Instead, the course mainly aims to upsell higher-priced offerings down the funnel promising the “real” way to mimic Lerner.

So ultimately ENTRE Blueprint works more as a marketing gateway than a standalone education.

ENTRE Institute Review

The overarching brand housing all of Jeff Lerner’s courses, programs, and communities is ENTRE Institute. This platform offers courses on:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating a digital agency
  • Launching an online course business

However, ENTRE Institute has the same issue as Blueprint – vague, motivational content without much tactical training. And extremely high upsell prices.

ENTRE Institute’s red flags include:

  • After Blueprint’s $39, most other courses cost thousands per year
  • The 1:1 coaching program is an insane $15k
  • The affiliate marketing course seems like a funnel to recruit more affiliates…for ENTRE Institute

So while ENTRE Institute isn’t an outright scam, its model to keep extracting more money through vague promises is concerning.

The Millionaire Shortcut – Jeff Lerner’s Book

In addition to courses, Jeff Lerner also offers a free opt-in book called The Millionaire Shortcut that shares his journey and tips for online business beginners.

However, again this book ultimately aims to:

  1. Build Jeff’s authority and credibility
  2. Upsell people into his coaching funnel

Rather than provide any tactical direction, The Millionaire Shortcut offers broad ideas and motivation followed by pitches to buy ENTRE Blueprint.

So Lerner’s free book works more as soft marketing rather than education.

After analyzing all facets of Jeff Lerner’s business model and claims, let’s conclude with final thoughts.

Final Verdict: Jeff Lerner Review Conclusion

In reviewing Jeff Lerner’s background, marketing claims, and course offerings – there seem to be some consistent themes:

On the one hand:

  • Jeff Lerner is an established internet entrepreneur with some decent businesses behind him
  • His training isn’t an outright scam and offers components of legitimate value

But on the other hand:

  • His net worth and success claims seem greatly inflated
  • The focus seems more on aggressive upselling than teaching tangible skills
  • Reliance on affiliate marketing raises ethical questions

So in the end, while Jeff Lerner himself may be somewhat credible, his courses lack enough substantive content to justify their high costs for students.

You’re likely better off learning from internet marketers with more integrity around both their own results and their teaching methods. Because mastering online business is hard enough without overpaying for rehashed concepts

Ultimately Jeff Lerner feels more like an expert marketer of digital economy cliches than a specialist able to transfer tangible skills, making his net worth more spectacle than reality.

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