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Let’s lead you towards the path of IVF to plan successful pregnancy

IVF: A road to improve success chances of conception

Are you struggling to conceive? Well, you are not alone, and you should not even think that it’s your fault. If you are struggling through a similar scenario, then it’s important that you visit one of the leading IVF Centre in Punjab. IVF is an important step of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). And the success rate of the treatment along with the live birth rate are crucial factors for its increasing demand. The article will be your helping guide to enlighten you about IVF treatment and its crucial steps.

Steps that are required for IVF treatment

Step 1: Initial consultation with IVF doctor

The initial consultation with your IVF doctor will help you break the ice. So, all the questions that are boggling do discuss the same with the health expert. During the checkup, the doctor checks the medical history and does ultrasound, bloodwork, and other necessary tests to help you prepare for the conception journey. Make sure that you also discuss the Test Tube Baby cost In Punjab. At the clinic doctor look for:

  • Fallopian tube abnormality
  • Semen analysis
  • Much more


Step 2: Infertility diagnosis for better clarity

After the test, based on the results, the doctor tells you which treatment plan to get. In most cases, IVF is the first step to improving the chances of conception. Bear in mind, in many cases, IVF is the first approach for couples to improve their chances of conception.


Step 3: Improve the egg count and quality

This step is known as ovulation stimulation. The doctor will give you injectable hormones for a period of 8 to 14 days. Throughout the entire time, the doctor will keep a close check on your condition through a proper monitoring system. Additionally, this step also required ultrasound and bloodwork for better treatment results.


Step 4: Egg retrieval and fertilization

Good quality eggs are retrieved and kept along with sperm to boost fertilization. In total, the process takes 20 to 30 minutes to take out the good quality eggs outside. The recovery time is around 30 minutes to make the entire process manageable. To make the entire process even better then, the doctor will perform preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). That’s done to ensure only the good quality and chromosomally normal embryos are used. On the 5th day, the chances of successful embryo transfer are higher to improve the success rate of IVF.


Step 5: Embryo selection is a careful measure

The embryologist carefully checks the embryo so that the success chances of IVF are much higher. The embryo transfer on the 5th day has a high success rate, and it takes only 5 minutes.


Plan your conception journey with the best fertility doctor

If you are worried about what right you need to take for your conception journey, then make sure to get hold of the fertility doctor. Schedule initial consultation at Test Tube Baby Centre.





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