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One Stop Solution For Indian Railways Passengers

Every day, millions of passengers travel in Indian railways to reach their destination. And out of this, the majority prefers train journeys over other means of transport. When travelling on a train, have you ever considered grabbing your favourite cuisine? Did you plan to order an e-catering delivery service this time? If yes, then you have arrived at the right track as here you will get to know complete details about one stop solution for all the train related issues. 

On a holiday trip, we all want everything to run smoothly. Food is always a part of our travel plans. Taking meals with us is not possible, so we have to rely on a train pantry facility. But this is high time now, Railofy is an official partner of IRCTC which delivers food in trains so that you get fresh and hot meals right at your seat.

About Railofy 

Railofy has made food delivery on the train very comfortable for you. We have our active association with the most reliable food caterers, leading restaurants and fast food chains in various cities of the country, we serve food of your choice at your seat so that you don’t worry about having pantry food while travelling in Indian railways or arranging and carrying food along in your journey. Railofy is a complete train application and also the official partner of IRCTC. Available at over 150 stations, RailYatri food service is designed to support commuters in all aspects of train travel. Besides ordering food, this train food ordering app also allows you to get information about train tickets, service status, timetables, PNR status and more.

Railofy: Get Delicious Food on Your Train Berth!

Railofy is one of the premium partners of IRCTC for ordering food on trains. So, when you have decided to travel by train, there is no need to worry about carrying homemade food. We are here to serve hot and delicious food on your berth. Railofy’s Hotplate service ensures delivery of food on time and maintains all the hygienic measures. 

Why to Choose Railofy

Hygienic Eating: Health is our number one priority, Railofy decided to serve hygienic and fresh food on priority note. With the Railofy’s order food in train service, you can now be sure that only quality food is delivered to you as all our food suppliers strictly follow the FCCI guideline and prepare food in a hygienic and clean kitchen. You can satisfy your craving with delicious food on your berth. 

Variety of Option- Railofy’s Order Food in Train option allows you to order different varieties of food from Non veg to Jain thali. You will have ample of options including Biryani (both Veg and Non-Veg) to choose and satisfy your craving. Other than that, chinese combo, non-veg items and varieties of Indian cuisines like North Indian, South Indian, Gujrati are our other specialities. In order to ensure that our passengers will not be disappointed with our services we are partnering with the best restaurants that offer a variety of food.  

       Hassle Free Timely Delivery

Easy to Order and On-Time Delivery- Ordering food with Railofy is very simple and easy. You get three options, you can order food through our website, mobile app or can directly call on +91 9910424299 and place your order. The only thing you need to do is download the Railofy App from the App store and order food using PNR number, Name or train number or you can visit and click on Order Food in Train option and choose your food and fill other details. That’s it! you will get fresh and delicious food on your berth.

Safe Packaging- Railofy ensures that your food is well cooked and packed by keeping all the safety measures. You will get ordered food which is properly sealed without any leakage so that you can enjoy warm and healthy food on your berth. 

Customer Support-  Facing issues while ordering food or Want to order more food on the train at the next station? You can call us @  +91 9910424299, we are here to assist you in any way and solve your problem as quickly as possible. Our customer care representatives will be happy to address your questions. Beside food, you can even contact us for any train related issue including train running status or train schedule or anything bothering you. We are one step away from you. 

        And the main reason is:

Affordable Price- With Railofy you can get food at an affordable price. You will get fresh and delicious food at any station at a minimum price. We assure you that you will get fresh quality and tasty meals. We also guarantee that whatever you order is worth every penny. So what are you waiting for, just place an order and enjoy your meal. 

Railofy Hotplate Service: Easy Way to Order Food in Train

The app provides food in train online using Hotplate service. Railofy is a premium partner of IRCTC for providing healthy and fresh food. Now you can have delicious food on the berth, making your journey memorable. We ensure that food and packaging is done hygienically. You can order food in train via Railofy mobile app or website or by calling +91 9910424299. 

      1. Download Railofy App/visit official website.
      2. Click on Order Food in Train and then Choose Delivery Station.
      3. Select a Restaurant and then make the payment or Go with COD option.
      4. That’s all! You will get delivery on your seat. 

You can even order by calling +91 9910424299. 

Railofy is one of the premium partners of IRCTC’s official e-catering partners serving quality food to passengers. We are determined to provide the best service to our passengers. So next time while planning any trip or vacation, do not worry about the food part. With one click you can order food on the train online and have delicious food on your berth. 

Author: Railofy

Railofy is an IRCTC partner that provides food on train at the lowest prices from FSSAI approved restaurants. In addition to providing food, Railofy also offers a range of other services such as online ticket booking, checking PNR status, live train status, seat availability and train time table. With Railofy, you can get all the information you need about your journey in one place. So if you're looking for a convenient way to get food and other services while travelling by train, then Railofy is the perfect choice for you. Please download the best app for food delivery in train from play store.


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