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Roller Shutter: The Interesting History – Story Of Their Evolution

“Safety does not just protect and assure the well-being of an individual’s personal belongings, but also instils a sense of responsibility and an attitude of being careful towards one’s things “. The assurance of safety was in ancient times taken by employing people and animals to safeguard their houses as time progressed people came up with the system of locks and keys and nowadays it is a sensory-enabled security system. But something that has evolved with time and has not lost any kind of relevance is the existence of roller shutters. Roller shutters in ancient times consisted of reed strings that were pulled down to indicate shops were closed with the advent and development of Industrialization the roller shutters saw a shift in their building material to steel, iron and aluminium.

This article let us understand the invention and the development of roller shutters as equipment for determining security.

  1. It is believed that automatic doors were first invented in Egypt in the late medieval period by the pharaoh’s royal engineer and his mathematician there have also been minor references to automatic doors and windows in the ancient scriptures but because there is no scientific evidence to support the same hence this particular claim cannot be validated.
  2. To our understanding and to logically lend a background of industrialization to the same, the first evidence of roller shutters was seen in the late 1970’s the first model however consisted of an alignment of pulleys with the mechanism of steam, it was usually reserved for temples in the south-east Asian regions.
  3. However, with the rapid increase of colonization across countries, states and regions of the globe, the first evidence of roller shutters was seen with the help of wood that was used in England. The major drawback of wood was that wood would often be infested with mites, and tended to gather a lot of moisture which is why it was difficult to close doors and windows during winters” explained an experienced service provider of roller shutter repairs in London
  4. The advent of Industrialization saw the development of Venetian Blinds which were usually slanting strips of metal combined with a string which was used to restrict the level of sunlight entering the room. The Venetian blinds were then combined with metal and then given a slanting structure to secure the same, the metal pleats then ascended and descended carefully making it a real ASMR for the eyes, the cascading layers of metal making the rattle like sound at the shopfronts in London were a real treat for the eyes. 
  5. The earliest roller shutter that was made with iron had a major drawback iron usually tended to rust because of the moisture content and also that aluminium and iron always tended to expand during the summers and contract during the winters which are why the major industrialists then focused on making roller shutters with the base of an alloy to combine the sturdiness, sheen and longevity of all the metals and create a new composition that could withstand all kinds of natural forces for a longer duration and the value of depreciation of which was also less.  




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