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Some lesser known rumors and facts about the kidney stones

Millions of people in this world are struggling with kidney stones and face severe pain. Kidney stones arise in your kidneys when some parts of minerals and salts get stored in people’s urine and crystallize. These stones are made with calcium, uric acid, struvite, and cystine. Generally, these stones may not cause pain, but moving the kidneys to the bladder or urine pipe will lead to severe pain. If you are also troubled with kidney stones, fix your meeting with the best Kidney Specialist In Ludhiana.

Moving further, although the Best Urologist in Ludhiana advises that people with kidney stones pay attention to their eating and lifestyle habits. you must avoid heavy consumption of oily and fast food which can also lead you to chronic kidney disease thus your doctor may suggest Dialysis treatment so add leafy green vegetables to your diet.

What myths mislead people about kidney stones?

Well, there are several types of myths related to kidney stones. These are:

Myth: All stones are painful.

Fact: Kidney stones are complex substances that build in the urinary tract and lead to severe pain, infection, blockage of urine flow and bleeding, etcetera when changing its position. But it does not mean they are always in pain. Additionally, they do not hurt when they start forming and when held small. However, when it begins building its size, it causes severe pain and blood in your urine.

Myth: Kidney stones always require medical attention.

Fact: It is deniable. Not all kidney stones need medical assistance; some may automatically get out from the body via urine, especially smaller ones. This is why doctors suggest their patients drink a lot of water so that their kidney stones flow through urine.

Myth: Taking apple cider vinegar by adding it to water is also helpful to thaw your kidney stones.

Fact: This is deniable. Till now, there is no research has been found on the apple cider vinegar

That it will be helpful to rectify kidney stones.

Myth: Kidney stones only arise in men.

Fact: This is a stupid myth. Both men and women are equally affected by kidney stones. However, the impact of kidney stones is more common in men than women, but it doesn’t mean that kidney stones only arise in male candidates.

Myth: Iced tea causes kidney stones, and cranberry juice prevents them.

Fact: A group of people believes that certain drinks (Coffee, iced tea, milk, soda) stimulate kidney stones; however, some help rectify them. Well, no specific research comes to mind that justifies this matter. Therefore, people do not believe in such myths. Also, if they have kidney stones, meet their doctor first.

Myth: Intake of beer is helpful against kidney stones.

Fact: Beer holds diuretic properties that push toward increased urine. We do not deny that beer helps eradicate kidney stones up to 3mm in size via urine. Additionally, kidney stones above 3mm, such as 5 mm, can not get out of the body through urine. For them, you have to seek medical treatment.

If you struggle with kidney stones, infected urinary tract, and other reproductive ailments, visit the Aastha Super Speciality Hospital.



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