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The content of motorcycle insurance policies

The content of motorcycle insurance policies

Types of Insurance

When you compare motorcycle insurance policies on Compricer, you can choose between receiving quotes for full, partial, and motor insurance. The content of these insurances varies depending on how extensive the protection is.

Traffic insurance

All motorcycles that are in traffic must have traffic insurance. It is a basic insurance that is there to protect third parties. That is, to cover the damages that occur to another person or another’s a property in connection with a traffic accident.

If you want protection for your motorcycle if you yourself are responsible for any damage, you need to choose half or full insurance.

Half insurance

In addition to traffic insurance, half- insurance normally also includes fire, glass, machinery, rescue, legal protection, and theft insurance. The parts that are included in half insurance excluding traffic insurance are also called partial insurance.

Full insurance

Comprehensive insurance includes the most complete protection for your motorcycle. In addition to traffic and semi-insurance, carriage damage is included, which covers damage caused to one’s own vehicle in connection with a traffic accident as well as other external accidents or damage. For example, a single accident or a collision with an animal or another vehicle.

An external accident could be, for example, snow or ice falling on your motorcycle. An example of vandalism is someone causing damage to your motorcycle while it is parked.


In addition to traffic, half or full insurance, you can take out various add-ons to your motorcycle insurance. Examples of common additional insurances can be lay-off insurance (seasonal insurance), assistance, rental car and accidents, and more.


If you want to take out comprehensive insurance for your motorcycle, you can choose which deductible you want. A deductible is a cost that you have to pay yourself in the event of damage to your motorcycle. A low deductible is approximately SEK 3,000, while a high deductible is approximately SEK 8,000.

Generally, a high deductible means a lower premium (price) on motorcycle insurance, while a low deductible means a higher premium.

How to choose a good motorcycle insurance

Good to think about

It is important that you choose motorcycle insurance that is right for you and your needs. Think through what protection you want, and how you use your motorcycle and choose an insurance that gives you good protection at a good price.

If you feel unsure, just contact us and we will help you. You can reach us on 08-5000 2000 (weekdays 9-18). The consultation is completely free of charge.

Insurance for light and heavy MC

We help you compare insurance policies for both light and heavy motorcycles. Compare and sign yourself or call us if you want personal help to find good insurance for your motorcycle.

Insurance for different motorcycle brands

Here at Compricer, you can compare insurance for a number of different motorcycle brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Kawasaki, Triumph, KTM, Harley-Davidson (HD), Ducati, Aprilia, MV Agusta, Moto Guzzi, Husqvarna, and Royal Enfield and more.

Some insurance companies offer so-called branded insurance adapted to different models.

Terms – Pre-purchase information and product fact sheet

Pre-purchase information is a summary of what motorcycle insurance covers and what important limitations there may be. You have the right to read this before buying insurance if you wish, together with the full terms and conditions.

The product fact sheet is a short description of what the insurance contains and aims to give a simple picture of what the insurance entails.

Pre-purchase information, product fact sheets, and complete terms and conditions regarding the insurance are included in the confirmations if you choose to take out motorcycle insurance through us and are available on the insurance companies websites.

Caprice is an insurance distributor. This means that, if you wish, you can leave it to us to distribute motorcycle insurance for you free of charge. Read more here about insurance distribution. We are registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and are under the supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Right now we are comparing insurances from:

Accept, Alandia Båtförsäkringar, Atlantica, Bilsport & MC, Dina försäkringar, evoli, Gjensidige, Hedvig, ICA Försäkring, JobbGarant, lin, Länsförsäkringar Stockholm, Moderna Försäkringar, PayDrive, Safetown Försäkring, Svedea, Villaägarnas FörsäkringService and WaterCircles.

Report damage

If you have had an injury or accident and want to request compensation, contact your insurance company where you have your motorcycle insurance. They help you with how to proceed with your claim to receive compensation.

More about motorcycle insurance

Draw today

Let us help you take out good motorcycle insurance. Make a comparison and proceed yourself with the option you think is best or call us and we will help you.

Remember that it is always the person who owns the motorcycle who must be the policyholder.

Talk insurance with us

Do you have any questions? Call us on 08-5000 2000 (weekdays 9-18) and we’ll talk about motorcycle insurance together. Our advisers are experts in motorcycle insurance and are here to help you. Completely free of charge!

Frequently asked questions and answers about motorcycle insurance

How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

Motorcycle insurance can vary greatly in price depending on the model and where in the country you live, etc.

insurance cancelation 



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