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Which surgeries come in front to deal with Gender dysphoria?

In this modern scenario, everybody wants to look dashing and hot. However, people try every possible way to look attractive, but sometimes they are unsatisfied with their faces or other body features. So they start worrying about it and sometimes isolate themselves from the outside world. But now, it’s time to nourish your external facial or body beauty with the assistance of Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag, where well-qualified and intelligent experts turn your facial or body features into preferable ones.

Moving further, cosmetic surgery confers different techniques that can also alter your whole body, especially for those who are unsatisfied with their external body shape as per their inner identity. The procedure of Transgender Surgery in Vizag brings an opportunity to turn your body features as per the internal identity so that you will live a smooth and happy life.

Gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria refers to the condition under which a person gets mismatched with their inner identity and external (biological sex) body features. For example, a person has a woman’s body but behaves and does everything like men. This condition sometimes becomes the reason for discomfort or distress. Moreover, masses often feel embassies in front of their mates and individuals and isolate themselves from the outer world. This thing hit their self-esteem and confidence levels.

Six surgeries that address gender dysphoria

These are:

Breast augmentation: Individuals who transform their male body into the female have to pass under the long-term hormone therapy for breast development that is part of their treatment. This therapy helps masses develop “A” cup-size breasts, and others who want to increase their breast size opt for breast augmentation surgery in which an implant is inserted.

Buttock enhancement or reduction: During this surgery, masses shape their buttocks in a masculine or feminine look to their posteriors. Enhancement can be achieved with autologous implants or fat injections, while a decrease is performed with liposuction.

Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS): This is the central part of gender transformation surgery, whether you’re turning your body into a masculine or feminine shape. During this procedure, all your genital organs are replaced with your desired gender (whether male (penis) or female (vagina)). During the Male-to-female GRS, a doctor first eliminates the penis, reshaping the genital tissue to turn into a more feminine look and constructing a vagina. Also, during the Female-to-male surgery, your surgeon eliminates the vagina and implants the penis from the much smaller clitoral tissue available in the female genitals.

Breast reduction surgery: This surgery comes in front in the case of female to male transplantation surgery to eradicate the breast tissues in the female body to confer it a more masculine look. However, it performs to eradicate breast tissue and fatty skin but does not eliminate the breasts.

Facial Feminisation Surgery: During this surgery, your surgeon performs more than one procedure to transform a person’s masculine facial features into a lady’s look. Facial feminisation surgery generally completed by performing bone reduction and manipulation of the skeletal framework.

If you are also struggling with gender dysphoria and want to attain your desired gender, come to VJ’s Transgender Clinic, where well-qualified doctors can help you.



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