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Why Not Come To The Apartment I Will Pay Tax

Many people in Russia now think: why not come flat tax? This question takes most of the population. And rightly so – the property, which is paid annually for the property. Such payments are not cancelled. So, if there is no payment received, the debt is a high probability. Accordingly, they can be used or other measures to punish the borrower. and confiscated the property of a person with a large debt.

People who are worried about how to pay taxes for the apartment, and why the date of receipt does not come. How would this be the case? And what to pay attention to? All the features of an apartment or other property tax will be discussed later. In fact, it is not so difficult to understand what to do under the described situation. Just look at Russian legislation.


What kind of payment means? This is the first question, which will sharpen their focus. Later Russian tax id may be different. And everyone is getting one. A flat tax – It is the same as property tax. These accruals are coming to all owners of real estate. It is an annual payment, which must be paid.

Generally speaking, tax is coming for apartments, rooms, cottages, house construction, building shares in the property. If none of the above mentioned in the list of properties, surprisingly, why does not come, it is not necessary to tax flat. This is normal.


But here comes the rest of the bill. In any case, such a system takes place in Russia, warning citizens about upcoming payments. Why not come flat?

First scenario – a failure of relevant authorities. The thing is that if somewhere in the system said institution a certain event nil the taxpayers may never receive. It’s not the best thing. With all this, if you don’t repay the loan, you may face increased penalties for property taxes.


Why not come flat? The latter scenario – a condition that occurs more frequently. It is said that property tax is a compulsory payment, and annual. If a receipt for payment does not appear, it is likely that it is simply not time to receive the bill.

September to November: As a rule, citizens’ relations property tax receipts come in autumn. At the legislative level, you may receive a bill no later than 30 days before the deadline for tax payment. So it is necessary to be patient and wait a little. Perhaps the distribution of receipts has yet to be enacted, in principle. Then you don’t need to panic.


Why not come flat? In addition, it is possible that the tax authorities at the time of Abraham possessed high loads of workers. And so the newsletter platezhek little delay. Panicking is not necessary until about the beginning of November. If not, it is necessary that somehow, to think about, so that the owner of the property had details for receiving payment, but he knew the exact amount, the role provisions of the state treasury.


Perhaps these are not all common causes. Now I understand why flat tax or come home. What if all the bills are already in November and on the calendar? A call to the tax area of ​​residence in the first place is recommended. And employees of the organization to find out what was going on. They must explain the reason for the absence platezhek.

If the mailing time has not arrived, talk about it. After that you can request when expected receipt of estimated tax. If the agency staff has no information about the claim house (sometimes they are missing for several years), there is no need to pay for the property without a receipt. Otherwise, debt is high probability.


A civil property that you do not want to wait for the moment to send platezhek, you can try to go personally to the district tax authorities. And get there on their own receipt. Quite often, tax authority employees without printing the payment order with all the data for payment. Especially if we are talking about visions in November.

A requirement to bring ID card, real estate, scheduled passport (preferably, but not necessarily) ownership certificate. It is also recommended to grab TIN (if any) and SNILS. A citizen can attach tax paid to receipts paid. But what time will Russia give up?


From now on, it is clear, why not come privatization flat tax. Moreover, some tips such as eliminating unpleasant situations are also known. But we don’t know how long you don’t want to pay property tax. Also easy.

In 2016, all owners are also required to pay for their property before December 1, 2016., inclusive. However, the property tax relationship of this period is set in Russia. No exceptions and exemptions are granted. Time restrictions apply to all citizens.


Why not come flat? 2016 – a specific period in which new rules regarding tax payments began to operate. What about it? The thing is that the owner of the property will get a receipt from the tax authorities. A citizen portal has a profile of “Public Services”, but it has an electronic form of payment system. The exception to this case is mailing lists.

So, in 2016 property tax payments are made only to those who have an account on the website “Public Service”. Wait for their appropriate remuneration order or tax can apply for it. All others will receive a notification of the need for funds in the state treasury for their property in an electronic format.


Another issue of concern to citizens: Why more taxes? Even the smallest privatized apartment, according to the rules established in Russia, it is necessary to determine. The property payment calculation will be based on the Scheduled Value of the property under the new rules. Moreover, with a certain coefficient. Therefore, it is possible that the payment system, which will come in 2016, will be a smaller amount. And then the payment will rise. However, bit by bit.

Why approach a large flat tax? Probably, the scheduled value of the property is higher. So the bill needs to be paid quite a large amount. Scheduled value of property can be found Rosreestra. And when an individual uses a specific calculator, rely on the FNS website for property tax rates.

Accordingly, staggeringly high taxes will not be required. The final amount, as already mentioned, forms the basis of the scheduled value of the property. Therefore, for an apartment of the same size in different parts of the city and in different regions of the country, one does not have to pay the same amount.


From now on, it is clear, why the flat tax comes, as well as what to do if the payment order is not too long. What property taxes are paid? At the moment, every citizen prefers a satisfactory solution. The following methods are proposed:

  • Credit cards.
  • Cash circulation in Sberbank (delivery cash).
  • Using the portal, through the “Payment of public services”, “Government services” site, through an electronic wallet through the payment terminal (Cash) to the tax authorities.



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