Backpacking in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide for Budget Travelers

Backpack in Australia

Australia is a popular backpacking destination, offering a wide range of experiences for travelers on a budget. With its vast landscapes, vibrant cities, and unique wildlife, Australia has something for every type of backpacker. This comprehensive guide provides tips and resources to help you plan an affordable trip down under.

Backpacking in Australia
Backpacking in Australia

How Much Does it Cost to Backpack in Australia?

Backpacking through Australia can be done very affordably if you’re willing to live like a true budget traveler. According to popular travel blogger Nomadic Matt, the average backpacker spends around AUD $70-80 per day on accommodations, food, transportation, and activities. This daily budget allows you to stay in hostels, cook most of your meals, use public transportation, and participate in free or low-cost activities.

Backpack in Australia


The Australian backpacker market is very well established, with a range of resources available to help travelers stick to a tight budget. With some planning, backpackers can explore Australia for as little as AUD $50 per day.


What are some affordable hostels in Australia?

Hostels are one of the most budget-friendly accommodation options for backpackers in Australia. Average prices range from AUD $20-40 per night for a dorm room. Some top-rated affordable hostels in Australia include:

  • Base Sydney Hostel – Starts from AUD $25/night
  • Travellers Oasis, Cairns – Starts from AUD $25/night
  • The Nunnery, Melbourne – Starts from AUD $28/night

Hostelworld and offer listings for hundreds of hostels across Australia. Sort by price to find the most affordable options.

For more privacy, consider renting a campervan or doing homestays through sites like Airbnb. Couchsurfing is another option for staying with locals for free.

Ways to Save Money Backpacking

These tips from veteran shoestring travelers can help you experience Australia while sticking to a backpacker budget:

Save Money Backpacking
Save Money Backpacking
  • Cook your meals– Making your own meals rather than eating at restaurants can save hundreds of dollars per week. Many hostels have free BBQs and kitchens for guest use.
  • Drink goon– Boxes of cheap Australian wine called “goon” offer the cheapest way to drink. Pick them up for under $10 at any liquor store.
  • Take free walking tours– Many cities offer free walking tours led by volunteer guides who work for tips. They provide a great orientation and history lesson.
  • Travel with a group– Sharing costs for accommodation, transportation and tours with other travelers helps save money.
  • Consider ride-sharing– Apps like Uber are an affordable way to travel between cities without renting a car.
  • Visit free museums and galleries– All of Australia’s major cities offer dozens of free museums and art galleries to explore.
  • Check for travel deals– Local tourism boards and sites like Groupon offer discounts on popular tours and attractions. Sign up for mailing lists to receive deals.

Experiencing Australia’s Natural Beauty on a Budget

Some of Australia’s iconic natural attractions like the Great Barrier Reef offer free and low-cost ways to visit:

  • Take free walking tours of Uluru– Volunteer-led tours give insight into Aboriginal culture
  • Go hiking in national parks– Most hiking trails are free, like beautiful trails in the Blue Mountains near Sydney
  • Do self-guided snorkeling on the reef– By visiting without a tour group, you can snorkel free or cheaply from many beaches.
  • Visit beaches– Popular beaches like Sydney’s Bondi have no entry fees. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and people-watching.

Working Holiday Visas

For long-term travelers, another great option to fund your travels is getting a working holiday visa. The one-year visas allow you to work short-term jobs as you travel around the country. Most backpackers find work in hospitality, tour guiding, au pair jobs, or agriculture. Pick up jobs as you go to top up your travel fund.

Everything You Need to Know: Australia Backpacking FAQs

Is Australia a good place to backpack?

Answer:- Absolutely! With its vast natural landscapes, laidback coastal cities, and well-established backpacker culture, Australia is an amazing destination for backpacking. The country is very safe, easy to get around, and offers a wide range of adventures to fit any budget.

How much does backpacking in Australia cost?

Answer:- Backpacking in Australia can cost anywhere from AUD$50 to $100 per day, depending on your travel style. By staying in hostels, cooking most meals, using public transportation, and taking advantage of free activities, you can easily travel to Australia for around AUD$70 per day. Long-term backpackers or those looking to save money can do it for $50 or less per day.

How long should I backpack in Australia?

Answer:- Most backpackers spend 1-3 months exploring Australia, which allows enough time to see the major cities and natural wonders. With 12-month working holiday visas available, many travelers spend up to a year backpacking in Australia for an immersive experience. A good amount of time is 3-6 weeks, which lets you explore a region like the East Coast in depth.

Can I travel to Australia for 3 months?

Answer:- Yes, 3 months is a great amount of time to backpack Australia! With 3 months you can start in Melbourne, make your way along the Great Ocean Road, cruise up the East Coast hitting places like Byron Bay and Airlie Beach, explore the Northern Territory and Uluru, then wrap up in Perth or Western Australia. Or focus on just one region like New South Wales. There are tons of flexible 3-month itineraries to choose from.

Final Tips

Backpacking through Australia on the cheap is very doable by staying in hostels, cooking your own food, and taking advantage of free activities. Connect with fellow backpackers to find travel buddies. Remember to purchase travel insurance, pack light, and keep an open sense of adventure! With stunning scenery, vibrant cities, and welcoming people, Australia is a backpacker’s paradise. This budget guide from Fiablenews shows how to explore Australia’s beaches, reefs, and Outback without breaking the bank.

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